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I applied mine heart to KNOW, and to SEARCH, and to SEEK OUT...

Day Star Publications

America's FIRST Coming!

America's FIRST KING is coming!

One thing that the Trump Administration is revealing to American citizens today, is that there is a TREMENDOUS LEVEL OF TREACHERY AND CORRUPTION at every level of our local, state, and federal governments, and also including our justice institutions, our universities, our military and police law enforcement, and wherever there is considered "power!"

It will take "THE POWER OF A KING" to instantly rid America of its ENTRENCHED CORRUPTION throughout the nation, by making SWIFT ACCOUNTABILITY of everyone's actions. A "KING" will totally transform HOW this nation is run, and it MAY NOT APPEAR to be "just," but it will be a "SOLUTION!"

King Nebuchadnezzar's "FORGOTTEN" DREAM, showing the world's four kingdoms at a glance (Daniel 2:36-45), tells us about OUR PRESENT DAY GOVERNMENTS OF DEMOCRACY worldwide, with the FEET and TOES of the kings dream (Daniel 2:40-43), mingled with IRON and CLAY. This image proves that DEMOCRACY CANNOT WORK because of man's sinful imperfections, and is why America will soon have a king!